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The Baseball Deflector Glove Training Glove

The Baseball Deflector Glove Training Glove<br><i> Developed by Coach Joe Magno and endorsed by Dale Murphy!</i>
The Baseball Deflector Glove Training Glove
Developed by Coach Joe Magno and endorsed by Dale Murphy!
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Product Description

The Baseball Deflector Glove Training Glove trains the baseball player to:

  • Use 2 hand deflection techniques in the proper biomechanic way when fielding balls like a seasoned pro

  • Have soft hands/use soft scooping when fielding balls

  • Eliminate all bad fielding habits

  • Eliminate the habit of relying on their glove's webbing

  • Have a much quicker ball transfer from glove to throwing hand

  • Use their body correctly to stay low to the ground when fielding balls

  • Never retract (pull hands back) when fielding grounders

  • Go out to the ball rather than wait for the ball

  • Be much more aggressive on the field

  • Always use correct field and catch position using both hands - just like a major league player

  • How Does The "Deflector Glove" Do This?

    The Deflector quickly trains your child to always use both hands properly when fielding grounders because its special shape/design prevents it from closing like a regular glove to quickly deflect balls out. This happens because the fielder quickly learns that the glove won't envelope around the baseball.

    The Baseball Deflector prevents any player to rely on the webbing when fielding balls unlike a regular baseball glove. The webbing is made of trampoline material which quickly deflects baseballs out. As a Result, the player learns to fields balls in the palm of the glove for quicker transfer.

    The Deflector Baseball Glove Deflection Feature trains any player to quickly have his throwing hand in the proper position to have a much quicker transfer of the baseball once it hits the glove to make more plays.