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Cimarron Batting Cage & Frame

Cimarron Batting Cage & Frame
Cimarron Batting Cage & Frame
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Product Description

Cimarron Batting Cage & Frame

The Cimarron Batting Cage & Frame is lightweight, yet sturdy, and is perfect for pitching or batting practice in the backyard, or where space may be limited.

Batting Cage Features:
  • Hung on the diamond
  • #30 knitted (knotless) poly twine
  • Treated with Tinuvin 788 and Irganox B-215 for maximum UV protection and longer life

    Batting Cage Frame Features:
  • 1-1/2" black powder coated steel
  • 3 cables between the arch
  • 3 arches (4 arches on the 48' frame)
  • Long stakes to secure each arch in place and prevent side sway
  • Tie-down ropes to totally secure the frame in place at each end
  • Easy snap-lock system

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