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Grand Slam Baseball Pitching Machine

Grand Slam Baseball Pitching Machine<br><i>Includes 48 Golf ball sized Wiffle balls</i>
Grand Slam Baseball Pitching Machine
Includes 48 Golf ball sized Wiffle balls
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Product Description

Grand Slam Baseball Pitching Machine utilizes a hollow plastic golf ball and 1" diameter bat creating a concentrated hit zone. This 2 �" hit zone forces the batter to keep his/her eye on the ball - a key factor for any successful batter. Plus, the plastic golf balls are slightly irregular by design, which causes the pitches to be delivered randomly without any operator adjustment.

In fifteen minutes, a player can hit about 150 golf-sized balls. With the reduced hit zone it makes hitting a regular ball with a full size bat much easier! Plus, only one player is needed to operate the machine.

 Grand Slam Baseball Pitching Machine

Pro players like the Grand Slam because it duplicates a pitcher's delivery better than any machine on the market. The balls maximum speed is about 35 mph - but the machine is positioned only 20 feet away, which, according to the Pros, creates the equivalent of a 100-mph pitch!

The same benefits Pro players enjoy with the Grand Slam Home Pitching Machine can be duplicated safely in your home for players of all ages.

  • Requires a space 16'-20' long by 10' wide

  • Sets up in 5 minutes

  • 48 Golf ball sized Wiffle balls included

  • Use for fielding practice, too!


  • Bat not included
  • Not only does the Grand Slam provide you the most effective year round batting practice around, it also costs far less than other machines on the market. It is also far more durable than any competing products.

    Plus, the Grand Slam can be easily adjusted for fielding practice...have your player catch the ball with his/her bare hand for greatly improved fielding ability!

    Many high school and collegiate teams, as well as many Professional baseball players, are seeing marked improvement in their batting. These batters have recognized what a powerful tool the Grand Slam is with its concentrated hit zone and continuous hitting capabilities, and so can you!