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LineDrive Laser Baseball Swing Analyzer

LineDrive Laser Baseball Swing Analyzer
LineDrive Laser Baseball Swing Analyzer
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Product Description

LineDrive Laser Baseball Swing Analyzer

The LineDrive Laser, if used regularly, is guaranteed to make anyone a better hitter. The laser, the training mat and the professional hitting lesson included with the LineDrive Laser system correct common swing flaws found in almost all young ball players. Flaws in the stance, the load, the approach, and the impact positions are all detectable by the LineDrive Laser system.


The LineDrive Laser system is all about muscle memory. Mount the laser to any bat and practice indoors for ten minutes every night. For the first time, hitters can feel the proper positions as they go through their baseball lesson. If practiced regularly, the positions outlined and illustrated with the LineDrive Laser can improve any baseball swing.

Standard Model Includes:
  • LineDrive Laser - An electronic module that mounts to the bat to produce the 270° laser plane.
  • The Mounting Clamp Set - A clamp set used to mount the laser module to any bat.

  • Laser Enhancement Glasses - One pair of laser enhancement glasses to help the batter see the laser line in artificial lighting conditions.

  • Professional Hitting Lesson - A comprehensive hitting lesson that breaks down the swing positions of a teaching professional. Also included are the basics of grip, stance, loading, approach, and impact.

  • Rechargable Batteries and charger - The LineDrive laser, comes standard with a set of rechargable batteries and recharger, so no inconvenient or costly battery replacement is necessary.