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PALMGARD STS Cushioned Baseball Grip Tape

PALMGARD STS Cushioned Baseball Grip Tape
PALMGARD STS Cushioned Baseball Grip Tape
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Product Description

PALMGARD STS Cushioned Baseball Grip Tape has the same elastomer material to eliminate shock in mountain bikes has been converted into a bat grip to absorb shock vibration.

The baseball grip tape is then combined with a multi-directional laser-etched skin to give the batter the highest degree of control. The grip tape has sustained over 7000 test swings without loosing its tack or wearing out.

If the baseball grip tape gets dusty or dirty , simply wipe the grip with glass cleaner to bring back its tack. It is recommended that you wear BATTING GLOVES when using this grip tape to maximize the performance. Using this grip on your bat is a must if you take a lot of swings.

This baseball grip along with one of our high quality batting gloves will make those batting practice and ball toss sessions fly by.

* Advanced elastomer material absorbs shock vibration.
* Multi-directional laser etched surface provides the highest degree of tack and bat control.
* Edge to edge adhesive prevent edge roll and shifting under the most strenuous grip.
* Great for use in colder climates.
* Superior grip when used with Batting gloves.