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ProPerformance Sports Hit Trainer Handheld Coaching Tool Pro Baseball Model

ProPerformance Sports Hit Trainer Handheld Coaching Tool<br>Pro Baseball Model<br><i>Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!</i>
ProPerformance Sports Hit Trainer Handheld Coaching Tool
Pro Baseball Model
Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!
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Product Description

Get your hands on the BEST KEPT baseball coaching secret ever, The ProPerformance Sports Hit Trainer Hand-held Coaching Tool Pro Baseball Model, invented by Coach Nick Dixon!

Get TWICE as much baseball batting practice done in HALF the TIME! Easiest, quickest, safest way to boost batting averages by 100, 200, or 300 points!

Baseball is white and handle, black rod, sight sleeve, grip and strap are all red.

Recommended Use: Heavy-Duty Team Use - All ages 14 and older.

Don't let another day go by without getting the very best baseball hitting tool! Your baseball future is in your hands! Give yourself all the help you can!

There are hundreds of baseball camps that use the Hit2Win Trainer. There are hundreds of high schools and colleges that do hitting drill work daily with the baseball "Trainer"!

Remember this baseball training product is backed by the Nedco Sports 6 month warranty and money-back guarantee. If you use it for 90 days and do not see improvement, we will purchase this unit back from you minus a 20% restocking fee. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!