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Quic Hands Soft Toss Baseball Machine

Quic Hands Soft Toss Baseball Machine
Quic Hands Soft Toss Baseball Machine
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Product Description

The Quic Hands Soft Toss Baseball Machine allows 17 regulation baseballs to be loaded at once into the alley. A drive shaft bearing a 3" round wheel extends outward from the motor box over the alley. Once the wheel turns, baseballs are released in even intervals down the slope. When the baseball rolls down, it hits a steel curve which arcs up and outward to "soft toss" the baseball for the batter to hit.

Can be used all alone in any small area (8x8)

*** Use Quic Hands in the basement, garage, or backyard (hit into net). ***

Great for pre-game warmups at the ballpark.

*** Unlike a batting tee, or a ball hanging on a rope (no motion), the Quic Hands Soft Toss baseball machine generates GREAT BAT SPEED through the strike zone - NECESSARY to hit a ball in flight rather than a ball with no motion in a still position. ***

Adjustable time release from 3 to 9 seconds.

The Quic Hands Soft Toss Machine develops great eye-to-hand coordination (ball in motion).

*** This machine is actually better than someone tossing the balls by hand. As you watch the hitter hitting off the machine, you will notice the accuracy of the delivery. Also, this machine can be raised or lowered to adjust the height level. ***

Used by the Pros and by Little Leaguers alike.

*** This baseball training machine is for everybody starting at 5 years old to the big leaguers. Remember, hitting is muscle memory and the more you do it the better you will develop. Now that you know the secret, work with Quic Hands machine and strive for being the best. ***

*** Such notable players as Carl Yastrzemski (Hall of Fame), Dwight Evans, Andres Galarraga, Ricky Henderson and Ozzie Smith used Quic Hands on and off season at their homes and at the ball park. ***

Quic Hands can operate on battery or electric.

The Quic Hands unit can double as a Ball Feeder for many popular pitching machines.

Quic Hands is made from solid steel construction and comes with a 5 year warranty.