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The SpeedSwing

The SpeedSwing
The SpeedSwing
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Product Description

The SpeedSwing

The Perfect Way to Measure Your Bat Speed!

The most important factor in hitting for power is bat speed. The new patented SpeedSwing helps you to increase your bat speed by giving you immediate feedback each time you swing the bat.

Now you can compare yourself with other players that may be hitting with more power, so you can set a goal and concentrate on reaching and surpassing that level. Don't guess! You can easily see and measure your improvement!

The large digital display reads from zero to 2000, with 10 times the accuracy of previous mechanical units. It even works with golf clubs, which have head speeds much higher than baseball bats. Every coach should have one for his or her team!

The SpeedSwing is made of indestructible Lexan,
impervious to effects of dust, moisture and shock.