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Swiftstik Baseball Training Bat

Swiftstik Baseball Training Bat
Swiftstik Baseball Training Bat
Item# 562-70-001
Model/Size:  24 Extra Golf-size Wiffle Balls: 
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Product Description

Swiftstik Baseball Training Bat is a lightweight training bat that gives you hundreds of extra swings. It's simple to use. You'll get results fast because you can take more swings without muscle fatigue. SwiftStik comes with an instructional DVD an 12 balls.

Swift Stik is guaranteed to improve hand-eye coordination, build muscle memory, increase bat speed, and isolate the sweet spot. You will get more hits. Swift Stik will build confidence and make you a better hiter!

Swift Stik can be used by anyone who wants to be a better baseball hitter, at the little league or an advanced level. You can use Swift Stik as a beginner first learning swing mechanics or a professional looking for the edge that will make you the best hitter you can be.

Swift Stik is great for parents and coaches. If you are trying to build the confidence of a young player or looking to give your hitters an advantage, Swift Stik will develop the skills necessary to achieve your hitting goals.

Why Use Swift Stik?

The Swift Stik Baseball Training Bat can do more for your swing than any other training bat. If you can hit with Swift Stik, you'll hit better with a game bat.

Increase Bat Speed
Swift Stik's light weight allows you to swing faster than a regular bat, strengthening the fast twitch muscle fibers in your forearms and wrists. By swinging faster, you have more time to see the ball and make a good swing.

Build Muscle Memory
Swift Stik allows you to take hundreds more quality swings than you could with a regular bat. Your muscles will automatically remember these swings when at the plate. The more swings you can take the faster your muscle memory will develop.

Isolate the Sweet Spot
Swift Stik's black foam head replicates the sweet spot of aluminum and wood bats. Its concave shape narrows the point of contact, helping you focus directly on the sweet spot. When you make contact with the foam sweet spot, you will hear and feel that the ball was hit correctly

Improve Hand-Eye Coordination
Swift Stik's black 1 " diameter sweet spot helps the hitter focus on the point-of-contact. Practicing with Swift Stik's smaller contact area and a small ball will fine tune hand-eye coordination, making it easier for a player to see and hit a regulation size ball.

Important Note: Swift Stik should be used with Wiffle, tennis, or soft foam balls. DO NOT use with hard or firm balls or hard rubber tee.