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Viper VBB Bamboo Pro Wood Baseball Bat

Viper VBB Bamboo Pro Wood Baseball Bat
Viper VBB Bamboo Pro Wood Baseball Bat
Item# 430-01-020
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Product Description

The Viper VBB Bamboo Pro Wood Baseball Bat is a high quality Bamboo Bat made in China from the finest bamboo. This model can be ordered with a reinforced fiberglass handle as well. This is a premium bamboo bat.

The VBB Bamboo is modeled after the 110 and the 243 style bat with a thin handle and a large sweet spot. The barrel is a 2.5" with a 15/16 handle. The length to weight is -3. Balls do jump off this one.

Bamboo is one of the strongest materials, with a tensile strength of 28,000 per square inch versus 23,000 for steel. This baseball bat model will hit long shots with the flick of the wrist. When you buy a Viper wood baseball bat you are getting the same quality that the Major Leagues get.

Viper Bat Models are hand sanded, sand shaved, and double dipped for an incredible finish. Viper bats are crafted with the baseball player in mind.

Every Viper model is tested for feel and durability before they reproduce them. Every wood baseball bat is hand turned, then hand sanded for a smooth finish. Viper wood baseball bats are double dipped for a high quality finish that lasts for years.

  • Wood composite construction
  • BESR certified for College and High School play
  • More durable than oak, maple, or ash
  • Largest sweet spot of any wooden bat
  • Ball travels farther off the bat
  • Patent pending Quad core Technology
  • 30 day manufacturer warranty (1 time replacement ) W/ glass handle
  • Unparalleled strength, flexibility, and performance

    *** Available with a 2 1/2" barrel, 15/16" handle, standard knob, and a -3 weight drop. ***

    *** Choice of fourteen colors with different colors for barrel and handle available. ***

     Viper Color Chart

    *** Made by the Viper Bat Company ***

    Please allow two weeks for your order to ship because these baseball bats are special, custom bats.